The Zenvus Developers Summit (ZDS) is an annual event hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. As we build the Zenvus products and services, this Summit provides the ecosystem to work with developers around major global cities and communities to accelerate innovation.

Our grand vision is to build the Zenvus Growth Profile of every crop in the world so that with Zenvus products, agriculture will be totally data-driven. Developers that build models for crops in their communities will find success in Zenvus.

Zenvus Founder, Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, keynotes the event and presents his vision on the future of Zenvus. The Keynote promises the revelation of new opportunities to continue creating a pioneering innovation in the emerging world.


This Summit is structured with the following main components

  • Kickoff /Keynote: Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe delivers his Keynote and welcome developers
  • Sessions: Get the technical knowledge to build next generation products upon Zenvus technologies
  • Labs: Learn to do as our engineers guide you, real-time and live
  • Consultations: Talk to the best engineering team in Africa and we will help you build that next Zenvus-powered product
  • Technical Guest Speakers: We will have experts talk and share insights
  • Bash: Celebrate the beautiful Lagos and meet new people


The Summit holds in March of every year. Details for 2019 will be published Q4 2018.