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Better pricing knowledge helps farmers plan better and adjust risks


zPrices is available for Zenvus farmers to provide them intelligence on prices of produce across major cities and markets. The goal is to empower farmers by giving them data as they make decisions on what to farm and how much to sell. This exclusive data is also available to our Enterprise clients like insurers, investors, and lenders. Zenvus is responsible for the data integrity and uses consistent metrics that bring confidence. Prices are be compared across cities, in weeks, days, etc helping farmers to manage price risks and build necessary hedges.

Core Features

  • Service is free for Zenvus farmers: This is a free service for Zenvus farmers
  • Trusted data: Only Zenvus team members can update the data eliminating price manipulation risks.
  • Covers most crops: Most crops types including vegetables, cash crops, tubers, and fruits are included in zPrices.
  • Exclusive data: The data published are exclusive to Zenvus farmers and enterprise customers. That gives them an upper hand in their respective businesses.
  • Understand the trends: Track all agricultural commodities from relevant markets in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this Service?

  • Any farmer with Zenvus installed.
  • Enterprises with subscriptions to either zCapital or zInsure services