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Insure your farm via zInsure Marketplace


zInsure is an agro-insurance marketplace where Zenvus farmers and insurance companies along with brokers and agents come together. Using data from Zenvus products, a farmer puts a request that he/she wants to insure the farm providing pertinent data about the farm. Once the farmer publishes it in the portal, the Zenvus team will validate the claims using independent Zenvus data. Afterwards, the request is published in the portal for insurers to evaluate the opportunities. The farmer and the insurers complete all monetary transactions outside Zenvus including premium payment.

Core Features

  • Service is free for Zenvus farmers: This is a free service for Zenvus farmers
  • Assured peace of mind: zInsure brings the peace of mind a farmer needs to focus on running the agribusiness
  • Suitable for all types of farms: zInsure is suitable for all types of farms – small, medium and even big
  • Easy to use: This service is easy to use. It is entirely web-driven and mobile friendly
  • Personalized Agro-insurance: With zInsure, your risks are accurately modeled. Good behavior results to savings in premium. We say goodbye to population-based insurance where every farmer pays the same thing because no data exists to deliver personalized insurance products to specific farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are usually asked about:

Who can use this Service?

  • Any farmer with Zenvus installed.
  • For insurers, only those with current active subscriptions

What should I go if I can have a loss?

Contact your insurance company directly. Zenvus is not the issuer of your policy.

Why do I need insurance?

Things happen. Insurance provides peace of mind and can help you get back to farming if bad things happen.