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Raise cheap capital with zCrowdfund and reward with farm produce


We understand that some farmers may not be ready for the complexity of raising capital via zCapital. That is why we also have zCrowdfund. For Zenvus farmers, zCrowdfund enables them to raise farm capital from neighbors and others who can be rewarded with produce from the same farm. A farmer sets a target goal and people contribute. Once the campaign is completed, the farmer works hard to meet the obligations to donors. The payment architecture of zCrowdfund is handled by Zenvus which retains a small percentage of all raised capital.

Core Features

  • Available for Zenvus farmers: Only farmers with Zenvus products installed in the farms they want to raise capital can use this service.
  • Always in control: This service does not cost you equity or expensive interest rates on loans.
  • Create the Buzz: A zCrowdfund campaign generates instant exposure for your idea and creates awareness of your agricultural project.
  • Test market your idea: zCrowdfund campaign can also help as a litmus check to estimate whether an idea to produce a specific crop is going to be profitable.
  • Develop your market: Form a new customer base or boost your existing fan following. Individuals who contribute to your campaign are your most excited fans.
  • Flexible campaign: You keep what you have raised even if the goal is not met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the cooperative teamwork, attention, and trust by people who donates and combine their money together, generally through the Internet, in order to support efforts started by other people or organizations. Every day thousands of people are using crowd fund to raise money because it works.

Who can use this Service?

Only farmers with Zenvus products installed can create campaigns.  Anyone can donate to campaigns but we do suggest donors make sure they are backing nearby farms to reduce the burden of delivery of rewards.