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We believe in expanding your Agribusiness with zCapital


zCapital is an agro-lending marketplace where Zenvus farmers, lenders and investors come together. Using data from Zenvus products, a farmer develops a short Business Plan which presents opportunities in the farm. Once the farmer publishes it in the portal, the Zenvus team will validate the claims using independent Zenvus data. Afterwards, the plan and the independent data are made available for the lenders. The farmer and the lenders complete all monetary transactions outside Zenvus.

Core Features

  • Service is free for Zenvus farmers: This is a free service for Zenvus farmers
  • Lenders pay subscription fees: Lenders to participate in this service pay annual subscription fees which give them access to see all the published business plans by farmers in the portal sorted by region, size, amount, etc.
  • Suitable for all types of farms: zCapital is suitable for all types of farms and you can tailor it to your working capital requirements.
  • Easy to use: For both farmers and lenders, this service is easy to use. It is entirely web-driven and mobile friendly.
  • Monetary transaction outside Zenvus: Farmers and lenders will execute any monetary transaction outside the portal. This could be debt, equity or hybrid transactions and none is required to happen within Zenvus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this service?

  • Any farmer with Zenvus installed.
  • For lenders, only those with current active subscriptions

How is the deal term negotiated?

Zenvus does not get involved. It is left for the farmers and lenders to work out independently of Zenvus

Where can I learn more about agriculture financing?

Visit World Bank Agriculture Finance website