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Yield provides farmers with deep insights on the vegetative health of their crops. The Yield is a special hyper-spectral imaging camera that works with Zenvus Web App to provide farmers actionable information for their farming businesses. By analyzing the images, stressed crops, droughts, outbreaks of pests and diseases etc can be seen and managed. Also, with Yield and Smartfarm working together, farmers can evaluate the effectiveness of irrigation and fertilizer application by correlating soil data with overall vegetative crop health.

Yield comes in two versions:

  • Yield Fly: Optimized to work with UAV or drones for medium and large farms.
  • Yield Sky: Designed for farmers to mount on sticks and walk around the farm

The Physics Behind Yield

  • Measure reluctance of your farm crops with Yield mounted on sticks or drones. Transmit the data to cloud server for analysis


  • Use Yield Web App to analyze spectrum of reflected light and correlate it with crop characteristics to build Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)


  • Based on the NDVI  potential problems in farms (diseases, pests, weeds, environmental stresses) can be detected and the farmer alerted.