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Zenvus Fusion is a service for governments and development organizations which is designed to help build Soil Fertility Geography in constituencies. It could be a state Soil Fertility Geography or even a National Soil Fertility Geography. We also support local governments.

Our product provides the data that makes it possible for farmers to understand the natures of the farmlands before they begin planting their crops. We do this by collecting many data samples to appropriately represent the soil fertility equivalence of that region or area.

The aggregated soil fertility data is made accessible to all stakeholders. The data is also GIS-tagged so that the exact locations of the soil are known. The Computational algorithm will use this data to make location-based recommendations on fertilizer applications across farming zones, and this will be delivered through mobile devices, to stakeholders that subscribe. Also, farmers can get predictive recommendations on the most economically viable crop to grow by feeding present crop prices, fertilizer cost, and population into the algorithm.

With this soil fertilizer geography, fertilizer production will become personalized and specifically engineered to mitigate deficiencies with deployment regions known pre-production. We welcome inquiries from governments, development organizations etc.