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Zenvus Connect is an affordable internet that delivers broadband services to farmers  making it possible for them to have Internet services, at a largely affordable rate, to track and monitor analytics about their farms. This solution makes it possible for farmers to use Zenvus Services and Zenvus Insights.

Our Engineering R&D team is exploring different ways to make this possible including the deployment of TV whitespaces so that farmers, after the data has moved to our cloud can have internet access to access then. We have solved the problems in the farms with WIFI, GSM or satellite. Technically, farmers can take advantage of these connectivity options but the cost is a big challenge.

We hope to fix that through TV whitespaces so that farmers  when at home, can have access to the web. Our focus is addressing Zenvus farmers. There needs to be a connectivity option that is affordable and engineered from grounds-up for farmers in Africa.