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Zenvus Boundary maps farm boundaries and populates them via GIS on Google Map where the survey maps can be printed in our portal. Farmers do this without any external help. And when done, register with their cooperatives which help them ratify the boundaries with governments. We use this to formalize farmlands and enable financial inclusion. Below is a sample result which the farmer can take to a bank as collateral for loans.

A farmer upon using Zenvus Boundary can download a PDF of the farm boundary report (sample below) in Zenvus account. The Zenvus Boundary Pro enables cooperatives or unions to have their logos and names emboldened in the reports for each member farm. This product is available; contact Zenvus Team today.

Opportunity to Franchise/Agent

Zenvus Boundary maps property boundaries and superimposes them on Google Earth, providing stunning visualizations of properly locations and perimeters. The resulting maps or surveys can be printed from Zenvus web portal. Property owners (land, farm, and house) can do this without any external help. This video explains all. We have franchising opportunities across Africa for those interested in helping farmers, landlords, etc to digitize their property perimeters and locations.

It does not require internet access to map the farm but requires one later for data transfer to Zenvus portal. You can map many farms before transfer in areas with no internet access.

We have set the price of using this solution to map a farm, land, or house perimeter with the survey printed on Zenvus portal at $20 (N7,000 Nigerian naira) per property to maximum of 5 hectares [ for example, 6 hectares would be captured as two farms, for $40]. You would have the opportunity to include your name, LGA, National Identity Number, etc.

We also have franchising/agent opportunities. It requires a one-time fee of $1,000 (N360,0000) and offers 30% discount on sales [You charge the farmer $20 but you send 30% to us while keeping 70%].You would have an enterprise account which will make it possible to map thousands of farms. If you are interested, contact Note: our team has demo logins you can request via email to see how the system works and how you could build a business with Zenvus Boundary.

NB: This solution has been used to support Zenvus farm sensors (focusing on governments and cooperatives at the moment) as we need farm boundaries to provide granular insights to farmers using Zenvus AI systems.  Farmers with Zenvus hardware do not need the app, just put the sensor in boundary mode and walk round your farm; the map will be done.