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Data from Smartfarm and Yield which are collected from farms are sent to our servers where our computational models help make sense of them. The Web App is where the data is made applicable for farmers to access.

The Web App is a place where farmers/investors
  • Register and activate their Yield and Smartfarm devices (each product comes with a unique code which makes it impossible for stolen ones to be re-used).
  • Login and understand what is happening in their farms.

Two Products are available:

  • Zenvus Insights: This helps farmers understand the soil conditions of their farmlands through sensors that deliver appropriate data to their phones or computers. With this, farmers can effectively manage fertilizer application, irrigation and in general take the guesswork out of farming.
  • Zenvus Insights Pro: This is Zenvus Insights for investors who may want to get real-time insights on farms they have invested.

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