Dashboard sections

  1. Crop production – In this section crops added in
    smartfarm are displayed with its basic details(image, plant name, field, farm),
    fields can be added and crops can be linked to crop

  2. Weather map – The map latest latitude and longitude of devices and
    displays weather details of that area

  3. Task – This section contains list of in-progress tasks and pending tasks.
    Farmer can mark tasks as complete from here itself



  1. Tasks are works carried in farms

  2. Supervisor has rights to edit task by adding, removing resources and workers

  3. Advanced filters are also provided to make viewing tasks easy for supervisor


  1. Supervisor has facility to raise issue regarding field, resource, worker and crop

  2. The issue raised by supervisor will be visible to farmer in his dashboard and in respective asset view link

  3. Farmer will be able to reply to issue by clicking on supervisor’s name

  4. Supervisor will be notified in issue page if he receives new message from farmer

  5. Supervisor can also re-raise issue if issue if not been solved since long

  6. Supervisor can also mark issue as solved