Dashboard sections

  1. Crop production – In this section crops added in smartfarm are displayed with its basic details(image, plant name, field, farm), fields can be added and crops can be linked to crop
  2. Weather map – The map latest latitude and longitude of devices and displays weather details of that area
  3. Task – This section contains list of in-progress tasks and pending tasks. Farmer can mark tasks as complete from here itself
  4. Issues – Farmer can view issues reported by supervisor and revert to those issues
  5. Financial Overview – This section covers sales , expenses stats ,due EMIs and todays EMI


Assets → Resources


  1. Resources are displayed according to categories
  2. Resources can be added in particular category
  3. Later this resources can be allocated in tasks
  4. Farmer will have to add resources before adding task

Assets → Workers


  1. Second asset of farmer is worker
  2. In this system there are two types of workers-supervisors and field workers
  3. Later farmer can assign them to tasks
  4. Steps to add worker
    1. Create worker credentials – using this credentials worker will be able to login to their dashboard.
    2. Add basic details of worker
    3. Upload documents related to worker (if any)
    4. A mail regarding zManager registration will be send to registered email id

Assets → Inventory


  1. Third asset of farmer is inventory which contains warehouses and bins
  2. Warehouses are the go-downs where in farm related materials are stored in bins
  3. Bins are actual containers wherein material is filled

Assets → Fields


  1. Fields are small parts of farm
  2. Farmer can add, edit, view field details
  3. Fields can be linked to farm, crops and tasks



  1. Displays analysis reports of resources usage and finance



  1. Menu-wise guideline for farmer on how to use zManager


Crop Management → Crop production


  1. Display crops added by farmer from smartfarm
  2. On clicking crop card its related linked fields , tasks and issues can be viewed
  3. Farmer can link field with crop from this menu

Crop Management → Tasks


  1. Tasks are works carried in farms
  2. Farmer has to assign resources and workers to task
  3. Farmer is able to add tasks related to fields
  4. Advanced filters are also provided to make viewing tasks easy for farmer


Finance → Sales


  1. This features tracks sales made by farmer

Finance → Expenses


  1. Second part of finance handling is expenses
  2. Here the expenses made by farmer can be tracked

Finance → EMI


  1. Third part of finance handling is EMI payments
  2. Here the loans locked in zInsure are displayed
  3. Farmer can add EMI details for this loans only
  4. Farmer can add reminder days for EMI payment, reminder will be displayed in dashboard’s finance overview section