1. In dashboard farmer can view count of contact shared application, locked application, interested application, and own feedback.
  2. Enterprise can view notification from admin and farmer side.

Contact shared

  1. After share contact details Enterprise can see confirm button.
  2. Here the enterprise can confirm the application to lock farm.
  3. Here the enterprise can decline the application.
  4. Here Enterprise can see shared contact details of farmer.

If farmer confirm first

  1. If farmers confirm the application first then enterprise either confirm the application or decline it.


  1. Enterprise can see locked applications.
  1. Enterprise view application data.


  1. Enterprise can see interested application by them..
  1. Enterprise view application data.


Here two tab for feedback – 1.Farme feedback 2.Enterprise feedback

  1. Farmer feedback.
    1. Here Enterprise can give rate and feedback to farmer whom with lock application
    2. -enterprise can view rate and review from other enterprise also.
  2. Enterprise feedback
    1. -Here enterprise can view them own rate and review from farmer.


  1. Enterprise can share message or files as private way from this module.
  2. Enterprise can chat with farmer who has shared contact details.