Buyer Dashboard


  1. Buyer who donates fund in campaign can see their fund details per campaign wise.



For Backing in any campaign follwing steps must be follow by buyer:

  1. Click on any explore campaign from frontend.
  2. EX.Gib’s farm
  3. It will redirect to campaign page
  1. There is two option for Backing:
    • CONTRIBUTE NOW (without reward)
    • GET THIS REWARD (with reward)

Note : There must be user/buyer logged in for contribution

  1. Click on CONTRIBUTE NOW or GET THIS REWARD then respective campaign detail display in Interested menu at buyer side
  1. Buyer can see start date of contribution and expire date of make payment
  2. After this process make sure that buyer can make payment within in 7 days, after 7 days campaign will be discard from interested menu
  3. There is also mention that buyer is interested for ‘ Reward ‘ or ‘ without Reward ‘ at bottom of campaign
  4. Click on Make Payment for Gib’s Farm, which will redirect to contribute page. [You are choosing no reward option]
  5. There is two way to make payment [Paypal & Bank transfer].
    1. If buyer want to make payment by Paypal then choose Pay with Paypal.
  • After the complete payment process, respective campaign display in Projects Funded menu.
  1. If make payment by Bank Transfer then choose Direct Bank Transfer.
  • If payment done by bank transfer then mail will be send to buyer’s registered email id and also to admin.
  • Mail contain share key with campaign detail.
  • This Share key display in Inbox menu at buyer dashboard with payment status. [‘OK’ or ‘PENDING’]
  • Admin will review the share key and can confirm the payment.
  • After Payment Confirmation from Admin buyer get the mail for confirm payment.
  • Then respective campaign display in funded menu at buyer dashboard.

Note : Same payment process will apply for choosing Reward option.



  1. Buyer can see the mail of bank transfer payment which show that payment status is “PENDING “ or “OK”.
  2. Buyer can also see the mail for payment confirmation of payment from admin side.
  3. Buyer can delete mail which payment status is ‘OK’.