We understand the limited educational capabilities of some of our farmers which may affect their abilities to effectively use web and mobile tools. Accordingly, we want to be local in meeting their needs as they build their farming businesses.

Zenvus welcomes Dealers who can demonstrate the following:

  • Financial capacity to purchase large orders of Zenvus products
  • Well established in their localities
  • Deliver support services to farmers and be compensated by them where necessary (a typical example is an illiterate farmer coming for interpretations on the data from his Zenvus)
  • Provide support to farmers as they explore services like zCapital, zInsure, etc based on the specific market environments. A trusted dealer can assist farmers to overcome their challenges and package their farming businesses for opportunities

Contact us if you want to explore being a dealer/distributor/vendor. We will send you a short questionnaire.


We will publish a list of stores in many cities where people can buy Zenvus. Please check back.