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Other Zenvus Products

Zenvus Smartfarm

The Zenvus Smartfarm.

Zenvus provides advanced electronics sensors which help farmers understand what is happening in their farm soils. The data acquired is wirelessly transmitted to a cloud server where computational models help provide deep insights to farmers right on their desktops. laptops or mobile devices. It communicates via GSM.

Zenvus Yield

Yield provides farmers with deep insights on the vegetative health of their crops. The Yield is a special hyper-spectral imaging camera that works with Zenvus Web App to provide farmers actionable information for their farming businesses. By analyzing the images, stressed crops, droughts, outbreaks of pests and diseases etc can be seen and managed.

Zenvus Loci

Zenvus Loci is a largely disposable package tracker but engineered to be re-usable. Two versions, operating days on full charge (one hour reporting): Loci Mini (3 days) and Loci Max (7 days). It easily tracks & monitors packages, shipments, and mobile assets, in near-real time – outdoors, indoors, inside packages, and inside vehicles.